Top 5 To-Dos Before Buying a Used Car or SUV

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In many cases buying a used car makes more financial sense than opting for a brand new one. Cars start to depreciate once you drive them off the lot and the financing terms can take a toll on your wallet especially if you are dealing with other loans on top of your car loan. Buying a used car has its drawbacks too and may require more diligence than you would otherwise employ when purchasing brand new. However, concentrating on crucial areas like mileage, model and make and the top features that you want in a car can help you land the right vehicle for you.

Here are the top five things to do if you are buying a used car.

  • Look at the year, make, model and mileage. This is the first set of information you need to get when buying a used car. The year, make and model will reveal important details about car features, strengths, and weaknesses of that specific model that could affect your decision to buy.
  • Run a vehicle history report. Services like Carfax and Autocheck can help you run history reports on a used car as long as you have the car’s vehicle identification number. This will reveal crucial information such as the history of accidents or flood damage, whether or not the odometer has been rolled back or if it has a salvage title.
  • Get the fair market value. Go online and see how much a car of the same make and model is going for in the used car market. This way you know what the benchmark is and you won’t easily get taken in by salesmen who are out to sell you a car that’s way above the market selling price.
  • Look for signs of wear and tear. If you know the year, make and model you can expect the degree of wear and tear that should be present. If you see an unusual amount of wear and tear this could be an indication that the car is an older model than indicated or that it may have been undergone heavy use by the previous owner.
  • Test drive. Look for any defects in the engine and check for any unusual sounds by taking the car out for a test drive. This way you can see how it performs on the road, inclined areas, at higher speeds and in various other conditions. This is also a good way to test how comfortable the ride is, especially if you are planning on taking the car for long drives.

These are just five of the things you need to do when shopping for a used car. Even if you are doing this for the first time, knowing the first five things to do can go a long way in helping you find a car that is worth your money.


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These are just five of the things you need to do when shopping for a #usedcar. Learn more:

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