Are Used Cars Really a Better Deal?

Used Volkswagen GTI

If you are looking for the best deal possible on your next car purchase, you are not alone. Many financially minded individuals consider buying a gently used vehicle rather than a new one. A car that is only a year or two old may have low mileage and still be under warranty; it may even have a current style with modern features, but without the high cost of a new vehicle. All things considered, a used car may seem like a better deal for the buyer. A closer look, however, may reveal that each case is unique, and you need to review the options to make a more educated decision that is right for you.

About the Warranty

Many people prefer to buy new cars rather than used ones because they believe the former are in better overall condition and come with a full warranty. The warranty, however, can vary among manufacturers. For example, some vehicles are sold with a three-year basic warranty, others with a 10-year warranty; both often have mileage limits on them as well. When you buy a car that is already two or more years old, there is a solid chance the time or mileage requirement will be running out soon, although this is not necessarily true with all makes and models.

About the Cost

While it is important to review the warranty information when buying a used car, you also should carefully compare its price with that of a new model. Some dealerships offer fabulous incentives on their new cars, especially around holidays and when the next year’s vehicles are rolling into the dealership. On the other hand, dealerships try to mark up used cars to make a profit. Therefore, the difference in price between a new and used car may be moderate.

About the Features

New features are unveiled regularly with new cars. Even when the engine options and body styles do not change from year to year, newer models often are introduced with updated interior features or with safety equipment that can improve your driving experience. This is not the case with every model every year, however, so it is important that you understand the differences between the current and the used model years of the car you are thinking about buying.

Some car buyers will blindly decide to purchase a used car because of the perception that it is the better value, although it may not always be. After you have decided on the make and model, learn more about the new model price and features, and then compare them with the used vehicles that are available. This will help you to make a more informed decision about whether to purchase a new or a used car.


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All things considered, a used car may seem like a better deal for the buyer. Learn more:


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